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10. July 2013

Your Mother 1

"Your mother" - Film screening and Discussion

Summary report of train-the-trainer workshops held in London, 2.-8.12.2012

In November the SAVE team prepared a train-the-trainer programme and Your Mothers film packs.  Our new film Your Mother, is the 6th film in the series of visual tools promoting awareness and dialogue in communities at risk and features mothers of perpetrators or attempted perpetrators.


The Your Mother film pack is SAVE’s newest tool to encourage family members, particularly mothers, to take an active role in safeguarding their families and communities.  The tool consists of 1 DVD of the Your Mother film with subtitles in 4 languages, 1 facilitator booklet with start-to-finish dialogue guidelines and 5 cards with background information and case studies. The concept and materials were realized in partnership with RICU the research and communications unit of the UK Office for Security and Counter Terrorism.


On  2-7 December  A SAVE team member travelled to the UK and the Your Mother film pack was launched in the nine police regions and partners organizations in a series of train-the-trainer workshops. The participants were professionals and volunteers working in prevention, de-radicalization and intelligence services. The interactive workshops were each two hours, with one hour for introductions and presentation of the product and the second hour for more detailed discussion on potential format, techniques for creating a safe space for small groups to talk and preparation for accompanying dialogue and follow-up support.


The immediate response was very positive, all participants found the film very powerful and uniquely ‘emotional’ compared to any other tools available to them and felt that a supported dialogue could bring out a variety of strong relevant messages from the film. Many were confident that the film and dialogue would be relevant to a wide range of audiences as well as mothers, such as fathers, high schools and even radicalized offenders in custody. Police officers in particular were delighted to have a tool to reach women, who are often inadequately addressed in their frameworks. 


The idea of empowering mothers (or civil society) as an ‘ally’ in the home was for many, an entirely new angle in counter terrorism efforts but one that they welcomed. Many comments highlighted the multiplier effects of family strengthening to other areas of security, such as domestic violence.  One clear outcome was the need to provide more resources to develop this possibility such as a parenting curriculum to help mothers (and fathers) recognize and act on early warning signs and above all to boost family communications.


In February 2013, an online questionnaire was generated and disseminated by email to all the attendees of the training workshop to enable feed back of their experiences to SAVE Global in February 2013. Those who chose to respond online, plus those who chose to respond directly by email were very pleased with the tool and were using it with their target groups with good results. As well as recommending it to other colleagues. The tool was praised for its emotional impact and the ability to foster meaningful discussion around the topic.



These quotes are selected from personal emails and text messages sent to the facilitator.


‘I found your workshop really well presented. I have already shown the DVD to some youth practitioners and they are interested in perhaps rolling this out as part of a parenting programme. We are also trying to build our Turkish / Kurdish networks locally and hopefully we explore this with you…!’


Nazia Matin Prevent Coordinator London Borough of Hackney


‘The film and workshop were very powerful and I will certainly be exploring how we might use this resource in our programmes. I hope that you received positive responses and useful feedback as you did in Manchester.’


Kelly Simcock, foundation4peace


‘Thank you for the very powerful presentation in Luton on Tuesday.  I think the DVD and associated package will be very useful.  ’


Sue Beaumont, Senior Probation Officer, East of England


I think that the film will be very useful here, but probably in a slightly different context than the rest of the UK. . . If possible, I would like an additional 12 copies of the film package.


Amanda Cooke, D/Superintendent, Castlereagh


 Great workshop today, thank you, the film is a great and I am thinking how best to use it.’


Tess (Luton)


‘I enjoyed attending your presentation on Monday, today… Do think of taking your presentation into Youth Offending Institutes - I know many young people would not consider  their actions as having an impact on their parents. More importantly, as a Probation Officer, I feel we could establish work that links to the Criminal Justice Systems enabling effective multi-agency communication. Let me know how you would like to proceed. ‘


Ruby (London)


With between 6 and 25 participants at each UK workshop and a regular stream of request for packs by new facilitators from grass roots heroines to police training academies the snowball effect has been working in our favour and so far over 150 packs are in circulation!  It is hoped then that the use of common key messages and questions will provide a degree of consistency across the regions.

We can assume that if each facilitator reaches out to an estimated minimum outreach of 30 individuals then the overall potential outreach could exceed five thousand individuals!!


In summary the launch of the SAVE Your Mother film and screening pack in the nine police regions across the UK in December 2012 was a promising success, with positive feedback from participants and observers alike. The film in particular was considered a powerful and emotional tool and participants felt confident that they could use it in their work in counter-terrorism. For many, the concept of developing the incredible potential of women and to connect with civil society as a complementary driver of safeguarding was new and welcome.   Indeed a clear follow up would be to provide further tools to help the Police and their networks strengthen the role of mothers and families in the security space.  The tool then will be adapted for use by SAVE groups in all target countries. The material is intended to become part of the Mothers Schools curriculum and will also serve as the basis for the Mothers Of One Fabric campaign.



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