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24. March 2010

Security in Safe Hands: Women Make The Difference

Second Global SAVE Conference Report

Our SAVE sisters who participated in the second global SAVE conference “Security in Safe Hands: Women make the Difference!” at the end of February 2010 continue to impress and inspire as they plan to translate SAVE strategies into reality. The conference participants provided unique insight into the reality of violent extremism in their home countries, and constructively discussed how to draw on women’s experiences and unique abilities to challenge extremist ideologies in their families and immediate surroundings.

Please click on the link to see the conference report.

We look forward to welcoming SAVE trainers to the beautiful Wörthersee in May, where we will hold a week-long train-the-trainer workshop to educate our sisters on how to lead and expand the Mothers for Change! campaign in their home countries. We will learn about storytelling and effective deradicalization strategies to intervene if family members travel down the path to extremism.


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