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18. May 2010

The Way Out: Women Know How!

A SAVE Training Camp

In late May 2010, 15 SAVE sisters will gather in Carinthia, Austria, to take part in a week of strategic training sessions designed to equip them with the tools to intervene in the process of radicalization. In preparation for the launch of the SAVE Mothers for Change! campaign, leading activists, academics, and opinion-formers from Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Yemen, Israel, Palestine, and Somalia will learn how to train mothers in their countries of origin to identify signs of radicalization in their husbands and children and to build the systems necessary to provide alternatives to extremism.

Experienced dialogue practitioners from Northern Ireland, who played a key role in the Peace Process and Good Friday Agreement, will teach the group successful “Storytelling” techniques developed to explore individual and collective experiences of violent extremism. Training sessions on New Media and women’s empowerment will complete the training set.

In June 2010, the SAVE chapter leaders will then launch Mothers for Change! on the global stage.

Mothers are especially interested in ensuring safety and security in their immediate surroundings and can act as an early warning system in the fight against terrorism” (Edit Schlaffer, chair and founder of SAVE-Sisters Against Violent Extremism).

Mothers for Change! is the first global SAVE campaign to empower mothers to sensitize and to mobilize youth susceptible to or already trapped by ideologies of violent extremism. Situated at the critical nexus between family and society, women must be will equipped with the right tools for debate to challenge extremist thinking. They are early warning systems when their sons, daughters or husbands travel down the wrong path.

"The Way Out: Women Know How" Workshop Trainers
Anne Carr, independent Dialogue Practitioner
May de Silva, Executive Director, Women Into Politics
Catherine McCartney, Dialogue Co-ordinator, Women into Politics
from Northern Ireland

"The Way Out: Women Know How" Workshop Participants
Arshi Saleem Hashmi, Research Analyst and Assistant Professor, SAVE Pakistan Coordinator
Falaknaz Asfandyar, activist for internally displaced persons
Mossarat Qadim, Executive Director, PAIMAN Trust
from Pakistan

Lily Zakiyah Munir, women's rights activist, Islamic scholar, Director, Center for Pesantren and Democracy Studies, SAVE Indonesia Coordinator
from Indonesia

Fahmia al-Fotih', SAVE Yemen Coordinator
Noor Baabad, Assistant Deputy Minister for Social Care
Fatima al-Zuhairi, Principal, Rabia al-Adawea School
from Yemen

Archana Kapoor, activist, journalist, and publisher, Archana Kapoor Media House, Founder, SMART NGO, SAVE India Coordinator
from India

Asma Asfour, Council Member, Sinjel Municipality, Ramallah District, SAVE Palestine Coordinator
from Palestine

Memnuna Zvivdic, Executive Director, Žene Ženama
from Bosnia

Robi Damelin, Spokesperson, Parents Circle--Family Forum, SAVE Israel Coordinator
from Israel

Qoran Noor, independent gender and human rights consultant
from Kenya/Somalia


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