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11. March 2010

Discussions with Mothers of Islamists

Women without Borders founded the anti-terror platform SAVE (Sisters Against Violent Extremism), which includes both survivors of bombings as well as the frequently extremely isolated mothers of young holy warriors (jihadists).

Edit Schlaffer does not believe “in the good in the world;” she believes in the power of mothers to help their sons escape the trap of extremism. Not today, but maybe the day after tomorrow.
And since everything moves so slowly, and emancipation in Arabic countries is currently focused on the educated segments of society, Women without Borders attempts to fight against the singling out of the victims through grassroots campaigns, for example swim courses.
Several victims of the Mumbai terror attacks speak in problem schools as contemporary witnesses of terror, with financial support from the Taj Hotel Group.
Since the Tube attacks in London, the young PR agent Gill Hicks, who lost both her legs, has been one of the most dedicated activists. The young woman sits down with young Muslims and asks, “How does it help you in Palestine that I am sitting here without legs?”
The anti-terror platform is currently active in Yemen, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Spain, the US, and Indonesia, and is connected with local groups. SAVE receives financing from the EU and through research projects.
“It is a politics of small steps,” says Edit Schlaffer. But there are many women who take the risk and help to transform the societies in which they live in the long-term. They need support. This weekend, the first SAVE conference will be held at the Viennese Radisson Hotel (Parkring 15).


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