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10. July 2013

Terrorism... Again: Old Threats, Alternative Solutions

By Edit Schlaffer - Published in "The Huffington Post", 24.05.2013

Terrorism just got a new haunting image, a Muslim man with bloody hands stands in the streets of London holding a meat cleaver that he used to butcher a Royal infantry soldier only moments earlier. ...


10. July 2013

Mothers of Extremists: The Unlikely Allies for a New Female Security Paradigm

By Edit Schlaffer - Published in "The Huffington Post", 21.05.2013

In the aftermath of the Boston attacks, the whole world struggled to put together the pieces in the hope of uncovering what placed the Tsarnaev brothers on a road of radicalization and ultimate destruction. ...


17. May 2013

Two women, One cause

Our SAVE sisters Esther Ibanga and Khadija Hawaja are bravely taking forward the mission of combating violent extremism on the home front to create community cohesion. Appropriately, their ground-breaking ...

Esther and Khadija - Xenia © Frauen ohne Grenzen


28. September 2012

How Do You Become an Islamist?

By Edit Schlaffer and Ulrich Kropiunigg, originally published in German in "Die Presse", 22.9.2012

Maajid Nawaz does not conform to our image of or the profile of a typical radical extremist. Or does he? He studied law, with a specialization in English and Islamic law, grew up in a sheltered middle-class ...

Maajid Nawaz © Clemens Fabry


18. September 2012

9/11 Women Refuse to Hate

Fifteen women shared with us the journey they have been on since September 11, 2001, when they lost a husband or child to the attacks. They spoke of the difficulties of having to mourn in public, because ...



31. July 2012

What Do We Know About Pakistan?

Written by Edit Schlaffer and featured by Womenetics

Military strategists as well as political and social analysts all agree that there is a steady, dangerous downward spiral at every level of society. Pakistan is considered a safe haven for Taliban insurgents, ...

Pakistan 2012 woman 2


16. July 2012

Afghanistan: „There is a War On Women Here“

Austrian newspaper "Die Presse" asked for Edit Schlaffer's expert opinion on the situation for Afghan women which is worsening by the day. Not only does the Islamist Taliban movement disregard their rights, but so does the state.

The pictures are reminiscent of those taken during the Taliban rule in Afghanistan: a burqa-clad woman cowers on the dusty ground; a man holding an automatic weapon stands behind her. He opens fire, and ...

Afghan woman wearing a burka


23. February 2012

Hanan Ibrahim: “We Wear the Headscarf out of Fear”

An interview with SAVE Sister Hanan Ibrahim

Yesterday’s London conference on Somalia culminated in a seven-point plan promising more humanitarian aid, support for African Union peacekeepers on the ground, and better international coordination ...

Somali women


17. February 2012

Two Nigerian Mothers Find Common Ground

Written by Edit Schlaffer and featured by Womenetics

This article was initially published on February 14, 2012 In 2002, Dr. Edit Schlaffer founded the Women Without Borders – an advocacy and PR organization for women ...

Esther and Khadija - Xenia © Frauen ohne Grenzen


17. January 2012

“We are Tired of the Violence”

The Yemeni economist Mohammed Al-Maitami speaks about tribal warriors, Islamists, separatists, and the future of his country.  December 2011 profil: Yemen is impoverished and underdeveloped. Do the demonstrators’ demands for democracy even have a chance at being met?  Al-Maitami: It ...

Mohammed al-Maitami


16. December 2011

Recognition of the Contributions of Women Has Grown, 15.12.2011

“Recognition of the Contributions of Women Has Grown” “If fundamentalists come to power, we will regress by 100 years.” – Women without Borders invited Bilqis Jubari ...

Yemen Edit and Bilqis ©Women without Borders


07. December 2011

Somalia: Where Courageous Women Fight Against the Radical Al-Shabaab

By Karoline Krause - Published in Kurier

Kurier, 7/12/2011 The boys who are recruited into the radical Islamic al-Shabaab militia in Somalia are between the ages of eight and nineteen years old. „They are seized on the street, or ...

Somali women


12. September 2011

Aicha el-Wafi: "My Pain Grows Worse By the Day"

By Edit Schlaffer - Published in Die Presse

Her son was presumably meant to be the 20th hijacker in the September 11th attacks, but was arrested before that fateful day. His mother recounts how 9/11 also changed her life forever. A US court ...



28. February 2011

Talking Peace - India Pakistan

An article in India's Hard News by Mehru Jaffer

In the best spirit of its foreign policy of neutrality and small-state strategy, Austria has for decades been a haven for constructive dialogue between groups hostile to each other. Israelis and Palestinians ...

Mehru Jaffer © Xenia Hausner


16. February 2011

The Effects of Talibanization and radicalism on women in Pakistan

An article from "Die Standard"

In Pakistan, little importance is ascribed to women's sexual and mental health, and their access to education is hindered. Experts see international aid on the local level as an essential resource. ...

Shabana Fayyaz, The Womens Dialogue © Frauen ohne Grenzen


17. January 2011

Speaking Out Before it is Too Late! Women Know How

Guest Commentary by Edit Schlaffer. An Example of an Indian-Pakistani Women's Dialogue: How Dialogue can Contribute to the Defeat of Isolation and Extremism

Understanding, reconciliation, forgiveness, compromises, and ideals are not terms that we immediately associate with negotiations at the international level. But why don’t we? The answer ...


10. January 2011

The Women’s Dialogue

Please scroll down to the bottom to download the invitation

The nuclear powers India and Pakistan are of highest global concern. In recent years both countries have repeatedly been on the brink of war; the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai only intensified the critical ...



23. November 2010

'Women have the power to influence the next generation'

SAVE brings the Mothers for Change! campaign to school children in Mumbai through a film-screening with the World Kids Foundation

By tackling prejudices and engaging with people of other faiths and backgrounds, children can help build a better future for their communities. SAVE brought this message to over 40 children from various ...


25. May 2010

SAVE Workshops Update

The Way Out: Women Know How!

On May 24, 15 women from Pakistan, Yemen, Northern Ireland, Palestine, Israel, Bosnia, Indonesia, India, and Somalia came together to start a week of intensive workshops to launch SAVE’s first global ...

train the trainers conference may 2010 name game


18. May 2010

The Way Out: Women Know How!

A SAVE Training Camp

In late May 2010, 15 SAVE sisters will gather in Carinthia, Austria, to take part in a week of strategic training sessions designed to equip them with the tools to intervene in the process of radicalization. ...


06. May 2010

Terrorists are Raised, Not Born

Interview with Edit Schlaffer, published in Die Furche

“When we see that mothers in Palestine give future martyrs their blessings, then something has gone wrong.” On May 6, the US news service Women’s eNews will honor Edit Schlaffer as ...


12. April 2010

SAVE Pakistan Meeting

Islamabad, 9 April 2010

On April 9, the members of SAVE Pakistan met together to create an implementation plan for the SAVE Mothers for Change! global campaign and to make a statement against violent extremism. Their hard ...

SAVE Pakistan Group © SAVE


04. April 2010

Women as Counter Terrorism Activists

By Fahmia al-Fotih' / Yemen

Fahmia al-Fotih', the SAVE Yemen coordinator, wrote this essay to explain the role of SAVE Yemen in combating violent extremism in her country. I always meet people who are skeptical about women’s ...


24. March 2010

Security in Safe Hands: Women Make the Difference

SAVE Konferenz Report

Our SAVE sisters who participated in the second global SAVE conference “Security in Safe Hands: Women make the Difference!” at the end of February 2010 continue to impress and inspire as they ...


11. March 2010

Discussions with Mothers of Islamists

Women without Borders founded the anti-terror platform SAVE (Sisters Against Violent Extremism), which includes both survivors of bombings as well as the frequently extremely isolated mothers of young holy warriors (jihadists).

Edit Schlaffer does not believe “in the good in the world;” she believes in the power of mothers to help their sons escape the trap of extremism. Not today, but maybe the day after tomorrow. ...


11. March 2010

People Need Alternatives

Yemen: Nadia al Saqqaf is the only female editor-in-chief in a country dominated by men. She believes that Yemen needs to be saved from Al Qaeda.

By Livia Klingl Nadia al Saqqaf is 33 years old, and has a daughter, a Jordanian husband, and no social life. Yemen, her home country and the poorest on the Arabian Peninsula, is far too traditional ...


11. March 2010

Anti-Terror Platform: “No Mother Wants Her Child to Kill”

Women’s organizations want to stand up against extremism and terrorism. Women are advocating for positive change in their respective local societies.

Vienna. “We know what it means to lose a child or a brother. And we still do not want to exact revenge,” says Robi Damelin from Israel. “Someone who is considered your enemy suddenly ...


08. March 2010

Women as Early Warning System

A "Kommentar der Anderen" in the Austrian Newspaper Der Standard

Comments on International Women’s Day in the Context of Terror Prevention: A Global Mothers’ Movement Against Violent Extremism is Fighting for a New Architecture of Peace. A commentary ...


19. February 2010

Great Accomplishments in Small Steps

Edit Schlaffer about SAVE in "dieStandard" (by Isabella Lechner)

The social scientist Edit Schlaffer was selected as one of the “21 Leaders for the 21st Century” for her counter-terror platform SAVE – Sisters Against Violent Extremism. “I ...


25. January 2010

Empower Women to Counter Extremism, Say Activists

SAVE Sisters on the Front Page of the Yemen Times

SANA’A, JAN. 24 — Although women are the most vulnerable to extremists in Yemen, their voices are the least likely to be heard and their role in fighting terrorism is restricted by social ...

SAVE Yemen Group Picture-4 women


04. January 2010

A New Alliance Against Terror Cells!

A Commentary by Edit Schlaffer

Our fear of terrorism has once again caught up with us. It takes only one radical, who carries out his meticulous plans with deadly determination, to blow up the carefully constructed structure of secret ...

Schattenlinie © Xenia Hausner


02. December 2009

The Bloody Trail Through Bombay

A Commentary by Edit Schlaffer

The terror attacks in Mumbai on one of the city’s best-known symbols mirrored the attacks on its Western counterpart. The Taj Hotel, the colonial landmark next to the Gateway of India, symbolizes ...


01. December 2009


SAVE in Mumbai - A report in the Indian newspaper DNA

Please download the file below in order to read an article about our recent trip to Mumbai. The story was published in the Indian newspaper DNA.


01. December 2009

Tapping into Girl Power

SAVE Workshops at Universities in Mumbai

Please download the file below in order to read an article about our SAVE workshops at the SNDT Women´s College in Mumbai on November 24th 2009. The story was published in the Indian daily ...


01. December 2009

´26/11 victims need to come together to tide over trauma´

Please download the file below in order to read an interview with Edit Schlaffer. The article was published in the Indian daily Newspaper Hindustan Times. ...


12. November 2009

Creating SAVE Spaces in Yemen

Article Published in Yemen Times on 2. November 2009

To view this article on the Yemen Times website, please click here. SAVE (Sisters Against Violent Extremism), an initiative for peace, called during the organization's current visit to Yemen upon ...


12. November 2009

Yemen, WwB Talk Future Cooperation

Article Published in Saba News on 31. October 2009

Sana’a, October 31-The Yemeni Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Amat al-Razaq Humad met with Dr. Edit Schlaffer and her team to talk about SAVE’s goals in Yemen. During the meeting Minister ...


12. November 2009

Yemen: Media Women Forum-Press Release

Sana’a, October 28- Dr. Edit Schlaffer and the SAVE team presented the SAVE Documentary “Journeys through Darkness” at the Media Women Forum. The event received extensive media coverage ...


12. November 2009

Women without Borders / SAVE in Yemen Today Article

Article Published in Yemen Today on 28. October 2009 (In Arabic)

This article in Yemen Today discusses SAVE Yemen’s first meeting with Yemeni women activists at Sisters Arab Forum and provides further information about the future meetings SAVE Yemen will hold.   ...


18. April 2009

Terror, Trauma, and the Search for Answers

A hint of nostalgia hovers around the terms stability and security, tempi passati. The regions rocked by disturbances and attacks no longer seem to be that far away. The global destabilization is one ...

Café Leopold ©


17. February 2009

Media coverage on the launches of SAVE India

After the succesful launches of SAVE India in New Delhi, Lucknow and Mumbai we got a wide media coverage. Please click on the follwing links in order to read some of the press articles on the SAVE launches ...

Hindustan Times, Lucknow Live, Sunday February 1, 2009


20. January 2009

The Courage to Speak with the Enemies

Guest Commentary by Edit Schlaffer (Die Presse, 16.01.2009)

In today’s worldwide conflicts there are also movements that challenge violence: they are determined to confront the enemies with words, not with weapons. “Living together, but how?” ...

Edit Schlaffer © L.Kropiunigg


11. November 2008

SAVE press material

Sisters Against Violent Extremism

Please click here to download selected press clippings regarding the SAVE - Sisters Against Violent Extremism conference. English translations will be available soon. Audio reports about SAVE were ...

SAVE group picture © Xenia Hausner