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24. February 2012

Mothers for Change! Israel & Palestine

The story of Robi Damelin and Siham Abu Awwad

SAVE Sisters Robi Damelin and Siham Abu Awwad are two mothers who reach out to one another across the divide of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and formed a strong alliance.

The peace process has stagnated far too long but their determination to achieve a breakthrough for solution perseveres.

We need more negotiators and ambassadors like Robi and Siham at the decision-making tables. They have both experienced the harsh consequences of the conflict and are determined to finding a human solution, as mothers and as women.

It is not enough to merely include women in the peace process; they must be among the leaders.

Please watch our most recent Women without Borders/SAVE production about Siham and Robiís work together, filmed by the late Werner Ertl.


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