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10. January 2009

Robi Damelin Vienna © Xenia Hausner

Robi Damelin from Tel Aviv

Robi Damelin from the Parentīs Circle in Israel on the War in Gaza, Jan 10th 2009

Robi Damlin participated in the SAVE conference in Vienna in November 08

Dear All, I woke up this morning feeling such a lonely sense of sadness and disappointment in what I thought was a breakthrough that we had in Austria. Since the death of David (her son) and indeed for most of my life, I have spent finding the human side of the other and also spreading the message of reconciliation and non-violence as a solution to conflict. […]

Guess what on Thursday afternoon, I went to a meeting with our Palestinian partners in the only place we can meet these days, near to Jerusalem, and the next morning there was a suicide bomb in the exact spot.I went to the meeting because all in our group know, that no matter what, we can not give up our humanity, and we have to continue with the work by not allowing the terrible situation to effect who we are.

How I wish that I had lived all my life in the safety of some neutral country and not be faced with the horror of what is happening in Gaza and the surrounding towns and Kibbutzim. What a relief it would be to shower abuse and criticism and always be right. How great it would be never to be put to the test and to lie in bed at night composing abusive statements to leaders , feeling really pleased with myself. However I do not have this luxury, I wake up in the morning to a reality which is seemingly hopeless and with a set of people who think that the only solution is violence.

To those who can make a difference to our daily reality, to those who understand that neither side will disappear , to those who can convince that negotiating an immediate end to the conflict, by creating a free and independent and viable State for the Palestinian people, not just a cease fire, which is just an interval before the next round of violence. To those who care about both peoples, to those who only care for one side, we implore you to force all sides including the Hamas to sit around a table and find a way to live in safety.

Love from Robi


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