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14. December 2008

Robi Damelin1 ©Parents Circle

Robi Damelin from Tel Aviv

Shaista Gohir © Shaista Gohir

Shaista Gohir

Rajaa al Khuzai 17.2.07 © Xenia Hausner

Dr. Rajaa al-Khuzai, Baghdad

Najma Ahmed Abdi © Najma A.Abdi

Najma Ahmed Abdi

Hadiya Masieh © Hadiyah Masieh

Hadiya Masieh

Beatirz Abril Alegre in Madrid © WwB

Beatriz Abril Alegre

Ana Teresa Bernal Montanez ©WwB

Ana Teresa Bernal Montanez

Voices from the SAVE Women

Feedback after the Vienna SAVE conference

“Dear Edit, Dear Elisabeth,
It was so wonderful to participate at the SAVE , meeting , Thank you so much to give me the
opportunity , to meet wonderful strong women from all over the world , each one of them has
interesting stories , […]
I expect SAVE , will win Nobel Prize !
Have a safe flight to the US and back home
Wish you the best of luck
Rajaa” (al Khuzai, IRAQ)

“Dear Elzabeth and Edith
Thank you very much for all your kindness and the wonderful opportunity that you gave us to
participate in the conference.Now I am in Berlin with my sohn Juan Manuel and I have tell him,
that we had a great meeting with very brave women from all over the world, who the violence has
hit them, and now they fight for the peace.
I will come back to Colombia to tell the importance of this network of women and how our meeting
best regards!
Ana Teresa Bernal” (COLOMBIA)

“Dear All,
I am so glad I had the privilege to attend the meeting over the weekend.
You are all wonderful women doing fantastic work and it was a pleasure to meet you all. And
thank you Edit for thinking of such a wonderful initiative.
I look forward to working with you and meeting you all again.
Shaista Gohir MBE
Director Muslim Voice UK”

“Dear Edit&Elizabeth
Words cannot explain how amazing you women are it has been an fantastic journey
I am so grateful for the opportunity women without borders has given me in sharing my
story. coming to the conference i had no idea the impact and love i would receive and the
friendships i would encounter and most importantly the work and challenges that Save had in
store. for all of us you have truly changed my life and i am thankful for that i look forward to
working with you and with Save. thank you for challenging us and making us think out side of the
Najma Ahmed Abdi
Chair Of the Somali Youth Leadership Forum (SYLF)”

“To all my beautiful sisters,
I think we all had a very inspiring few days and met people who will now be our friends for life. I
feel so privileged to have spent time with you and my problem now is not being able to explain to
people just how wonderful, motivational and moving the whole experience was. Something special took place in Vienna and for me I'd say it was a life changing experience. I look
forward to meeting you and hearing from you all again.
Stay as active as you are, your contributions are immense.
Peace and love,
Hadiya Masieh XXX”

“Dear all,
Coming back to Valencia, I was exhausted for all the emotions and feelings I had inside, I
couldn't even sleep and when I was in bed I could only think again of this wonderful experience, I
have learned so much from you....
I don't know whether my brother can see all this, but if he is, he is for sure very proud of all of us.
People like you make me believe that change is possible, it is not only a utopia.
I thank you so much for the priviledge and chance you gave to be part of this experience, your
stories will be heard in Spain, you can be sure of that.
Enlightening, marvelous, moving... there aren't enough words in our language to express what
this weekend meant to me.
Lost of love,
Bea” (SPAIN)

“Dear beloved sisters,
It was a fantastic moment to have met you in the SAVE conference.
Edit and Elisabeth, thank you for having me in the wonderful conference. I learned so much from
you all about the essence of our life, PEACE. I reached home safe and sound last night, and this
afternoon I had lunch with some Muslim women leaders at the Deputy Chief of Mission of US
Embassy. I told them so proudly about SAVE, and they were very enthusiastic. I hope we can
work more on SAVE in Indonesia.
Prayer for peace from hot Jakarta,Lily“
“looking at all the names on this list, how can we not make a difference and stop evil acts .The
most meaningful moment for me were the tears of Nawal (Lebanon) and the hug, suggesting that
we live together in the same house. Sitting around the table with my so called enemies, what a
sense of love i experienced, and as for the pink veil what can I say, other than thank you for all
the open hearts and love and lets do it, Robi” (ISRAEL)


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