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03. June 2010

SAVE Statement Against Violent Act at Sea near Gaza

SAVE joins the international condemnation of this violent act at sea near Gaza. We are deeply concerned by the Israeli use of force on the Peace Boats delivering humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

SAVE members from across the globe have been submitting their comments via our blog and we wish to strongly condemn the attack and stand with the families who have lost their loved ones.

Anne Carr, Northern Ireland: We, as active supporters of the SAVE declaration, are encouraging mothers everywhere to stand in solidarity together against violent extremism and today I want to feel the power of that message permeating the corridors of power all over the world. I want the decision-makers everywhere to get serious about developing viable peace agreements and the crucial implementation processes which follow… The families of the dead and injured will watch this and wonder –how many more fellow human beings will have to suffer before the inevitable resolution is found?

Archana Kapoor, India: We have a list of questions for the Israelis. Who ordered these young soldiers to kill sleeping, unarmed civilians? How long can they stop peaceful protests? How long will they refuse relief and aid to those who need it the most?... It is now more than ever that we need to rise up and raise our voices and use the SAVE platform to dialogue and debate and look for the solutions that are evading the governments.

Arshi Saleem Hashmi, Pakistan: Insane Israeli action recently has not only disappointed the Muslim world but the peace activists in Israel are equally appalled by the Israeli attack on a humanitarian aid flotilla… We have to wait and see if Israel continues with its highhandedness against Palestinian or reevaluates its unfair, unjust policies in the region.

Asma Asfour, Palestine: We need to raise our voices against the killing of unarmed people who were in a humanitarian mission. The siege itself is against all human rights and in my opinion it will push people to commit violence. I'm calling here on all peace activists, from both the Palestinian and the Israeli side, to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop killing…. Again and again, I'm calling all Israeli people who want to live in peace to say "No" to all killings and also to break the siege. This is our real way to the peace that I dream about.

Beverly Crawford, USA: As my heart goes out to those who have lost their dear ones I am reminded of how we must continue to work tirelessly towards creating reconciliation and justice for both Israelis and Palestinians. I believe that this means nothing less than ending the Occupation, providing a just solution for Palestinian refugees, and providing security for Israelis. And most immediately this means ending the blockade of Gaza.

Craig and Cindy Corrie, USA: We are heart-sick and outraged by the brutal attack launched by the Israeli Military on the Free Gaza Movement's flotilla of boats… We grieve for those who have been killed and pray for the recovery of those who have been injured.

Esra’a Al Shafei, Bahrain: We in Bahrain are absolutely appalled… Some Israelis who are protesting this inhumane cruelty were being blocked by Israeli police to reach their destinations, and some were even violently provoked and beaten up. It is imperative to remain united against violence in these difficult times… Please continue standing for justice, no matter what.

Fahmia al Fotih‘, Yemen: The Israeli heinous disproportionate attack on the peace ships that were heading for the needy people in the siege Gaza has wrecked the hopes of peace!... Without a doubt, these senseless activities and proactive actions plus the absence of international justice always invoke rage and give justification for any terrorist activity to take place which in turn pose a big challenge to achieve peace and reconciliation.

Falaknaz Asfandyar, Pakistan: We as a nation condemn the attacks. We have already been to demonstrations against these attacks. What we need is tolerance of each other and respect for each other's religions. My deepest condolences to the families of the victims.

Lily Munir, Indonesia: The humanitarian mission of SAVE is being challenged again. Like millions of other Indonesians, I am extending my empathy and support to you and to other Palestinians and Israelis who love peace. May God give you strength and blessings.

Memnuna Zvizdic, Bosnia: “My thoughts are very much with Asma and Robi since their reality is really familiar to me, since my people went through the same reality, and therefore this should be a reminder to all of us to engage ourselves not only in Mothers for Change! but in any other campaign which promotes peacebuilding procesess among every living human being.”

May De Silva, Northern Ireland, states that we need to find a peaceful resolution to the suffering of the people of Palestine and insists that women worldwide have a role in peace building and should not be excluded from peace talks.

Mossarat Qadeem, Pakistan: "Very few times in history has a flotilla delivering humanitarian goods been welcomed by military war ships… The deplorable events which occurred on Monday off the coast of Gaza remind us yet again of the pressing need for an end to the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories. SAVE Sisters from Pakistan reiterates its commitment to work for just and lasting peace in the world along with other SAVE sisters.

Qoran Noor, Sweden/Somalia: I deeply regret the loss of life and the injuries suffered in Gaza. This is a humanitarian crisis, and I strongly stand against this act, and I hope the EU and international community take action against the killing.

Robi Damelin, Israel: I am so sad and I keep thinking—how many people need to die before this madness ends? … How many more people need to die before we realize the need for compromise and a new way of acting? We cannot go on with the same old patterns leading to more and more violence which fuels up the conflict. We the bereaved families of this world can tell you that nothing, no need to be right, no proving of points, no piece of land, is worth the life of our children who are screaming out from their graves for us to stop the killing and insanity…. We must all take a stand and demand that the world leaders become involved, not in taking sides and blaming one side or the other, but in finding a way to put an end to the violence and look for a lasting solution. Such a solution cannot be achieved merely through paper agreements. It must include a reconciliation process. Otherwise we will have another cease-fire and not peace.

Senay Özdemir, Netherlands: As a Turkish girl I was always happy that Turkey and Israel had good bonds with each other. Now I fear it’s going to escalate. But let me say this: I am against all violence, whether it’s coming from terrorists or governments. That’s why I signed up as a SAVE member.

Shaista Gohir, UK: The Israeli government has again used disproportionate force and this time killed 19 civilians and injured more than two dozen others. Such action cannot be justified in terms of Israeli security… As a member of the Muslim community, I continue to witness at firsthand the extreme anger amongst ordinary law-abiding and liberal Muslims at the current situation and the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

Edit Schlaffer, Executive Director of Women without Borders/SAVE, has also released the following statement: "The SAVE campaign opposes all forms of Violent Extremism. SAVE believes access to relief is a HUMAN RIGHT. Peaceful protests and the right to dissent are human rights. SAVE stands for building bridges based on justice and fairness. We need to DIALOGUE. We need non-violent alternatives to express dissent and disagreements. How long can we allow failed politics to impact our personal lives? This has to STOP!"

SAVE strongly believes in and is committed to upholding the principles of the SAVE Declaration:

1. I, as a woman, will use the local and global networks of women to stop the killing. 

2. I will inspire a new response to prevent terror, violence and discrimination. 

3. I will create awareness for not stigmatizing the families of the extremists/terrorists. 

4. I will support the young generation with non-violent alternatives in their search for a better life. 

5. I will engage all forms of media for spreading the message of non-violence. 

6. I will insist on peaceful resolutions to prevent escalation of conflict and violence. 

7. I will promote a global dialogue for a future without fear. 

8. I will raise my voice against all hostile states and politics that cause suffering. 

9. I recognise the urgency to create ‘SAVE’ spaces for a peaceful coexistence. 

10. I will always remember those affected by violent extremism.

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