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06. September 2012

Marshall Center Conference 2012

Dr. Edit Schlaffer meets with participants in a smaller seminar room to hold in-depth discussions

"Beyond Al Qaeda": SAVE presents its work at the Marshall Center for Security Studies

"Causes and Drivers of Radicalization" was the topic of the lecture held by Dr. Edit Schlaffer, Executive Director

On 5 September 2012, Women without Borders Executive Director Dr. Edit Schlaffer was invited by the George C. Marshall Center for Security Studies in Garmisch-Partenkirchen to hold a lecture at their Senior Executive Seminar which is organized twice a year and gathers ministers, parliamentarians, general officers and other senior leaders and experts from around the world. This time, the seminar was entitled “Beyond Al Qaeda: How to Understand and Counter Violent Extremism.”

Dr. Schlaffer held a lecture about “Causes and Drivers of Radicalization” and presented the work that Women without Borders carries out with its SAVE Sisters against Violent Extremism initiative. Dr. Schlaffer also used the opportunity to show the new SAVE film “Your Mother” in an exclusive pre-premiere. The film gives a voice to mothers who lost their sons because they engaged in violent extremism. The official film launch takes place today, September 6th, in London.

In his opening remarks, Marine Col. Philip Lark, deputy director for the seminar, stated, “Extremists of all determinations pose a dangerous threat to global security and must be examined with equal diligence – fighting extremism must be done with both determination and insight,” and said, “This problem has deep roots and is without borders. The solutions we attempt to gather must be comprehensive.”


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