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20. March 2012

Tajik women smiling 2012

SAVE Returns to Tajikistan!

In February 2012 SAVE returned to Tajikistan to identify female community leaders and bring them together through a Teamshaping workshop in partnership with the Association of Scientific and Technical Intelligentia (ASTI).

Twenty-two community leaders, social workers and teachers attended the five-day Mothers for Change! workshop in Khujand where they learned from each other’s community-work experience and expressed their commitment to preventing the spread of violent extremism in the country.

“One drop alone cannot change anything, but when you become a stream, you can change the river, this is why I believe the power of women is when they unite.” – Nasiba Mirpochoeva, Program Officer at ASTI

The participants reached the joint conclusion to launch “Mothers Schools” in their respective villages, where women and mothers can acquire the skills they need to prevent radicalization and violent extremism in their communities. The Mother Schools will also offer a wide range of classes and workshops to provide Tajik women with a variety of income generating.

SAVE hopes that the Mothers Schools project will break new ground and provide mothers with the necessary knowledge and tools to prevent violent extremism in their communities and country. Despite the hardships that Tajik women face a daily basis, their strength and determination to build a safer and more prosperous future for their children is truly inspiring!

“We have a saying about mothers in Tajikistan: with one hand they shake the cradle, and with the second hand they shake the world!”- Roziya Jarkinzoda, Head of Gurdofarid, Net of Women Leaders


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