girls fit for politics ©Ruth Brauer for WwB

Austria/Turkey/Cyprus: Young Women: Fit for Politics!

Political Empowerment Workshops for young women in Vienna, Istanbul and Nicosia.

Young Women: Fit for Politics! is a unique initiative, which puts interested and committed young women in a position to actively fight for a cause and make a contribution to society. It wants to broaden the horizons of all participating women with respect to their direct environment and to initiate cross border projects and long term contacts.

Women without Borders together with its partner organizations the ARI movement (Turkey) and the Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies –M.I.G.S. (Cyprus)  is developing an inter-active curriculum including practical exercises as well as theoretical background material. The handbook will be the basis for workshop-based trainings of leadership-skills in all 3 countries.
A first round of pilot workshops took place in Cyprus and Turkey this July. The interest of the participants was huge and trainers as well as participants were very enthusiastic.
We are looking forward to the next project year. In autumn 2day training workshops for young women between 16 and 25 years will take place in every country. It is our goal, to realize international workhsops with participants from Austria, Cyprus and Turkey.

Click here to read an article about the pilot workshop in Cyprus.

This project was funded through the EU Socrates/Grundtvig initiative and ended with an international workshop in June 2007 in Vienna.
A total of 13 young women from Vienna, Limassol/Cyprus and Istanbul participated in this successful workshop. The trainings handbook which was elaborated together with the partner organisations in Turkey and Cyprus can be downloaded here.


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