Women without Borders end of year greeting

Women without Borders end of year greeting

As we have been working throughout the year, we have been sharing with you the stories of strong women in the Women without Borders projects and presentations. They are making a difference in their own lives and in their communities. In particular we are connecting with young women who are just starting out on this journey and insisting on recognition of their female potential.
Every time we reach out to others, we should recognise ourselves and our possibilities, our dreams too. We are the female force, and we must realise that we are. Not just by reading about it, but by being it.

Next year we will make a courageous step in a new direction facing one of the biggest challenges of our times: terrorism. By looking at this threat through a female lens, can women make a change? In which way can women as central agents in their families, in politics and in their particular networks contribute to prevent and combat this global danger?

The title of this project and upcoming conference “From Sideline to Frontline!“ is the Women without Borders motto for the year 2007!

So let’s celebrate and use your potential! Women without Borders change the world!

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a good start for 2007!

Edit Schlaffer and the Women without Borders team
Elisabeth Kasbauer, Georgina Nitzsche, Leila Kaplan, Birgit Pabst, Carolina Rosales


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