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29. July 2015

Announcing: the launch the first round of European Mothers Schools: Bringing this unique approach to Austria and Belgium to challenge the flow of foreign fighters

The Mothers School model is a pioneering family-centered security platform that strengthens existing counter violent extremism (CVE) approaches by engaging an untapped segment of civil society: mothers. Developed and implemented by Women without Borders/Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE), Mothers Schools provide women with the confidence and competence to effectively protect their children from extremist ideologies. The approach includes mothers as grass-roots security allies and arms them with the key skills and knowledge to recognize and respond to early warning signs of radicalization in their families and communities.

The Mothers School Curriculum:

•Recognizing and responding to early warning signs of radicalization.

•Engaging in constructive dialogue surrounding the needs and vulnerabilities of adolescents and young adults.

•Building personal, family and community resilience and collaborations to confront the growing foreign fighter phenomenon.

Launched in 2013, the Mothers Schools model was implemented in communities at-risk across Tajikistan, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and Zanzibar. Building on the successes in these countries, the Mothers School Model will be brought to Europe to combat the recruitment of Western European youth to violent extremist groups in Iraq and Syria.


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