Saliha, parliamentarian and director of our women´s center in Nimruz

Saliha Mehrezad / Kabul

Rajaa al-Khuzai ©Rajaa al-Khuzai

Rajaa al-Khuzai / Baghdad

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Women as Targets - Targeting Women in Afghanistan and Iraq

22. November 2006 18:30
BAWAG PSK Veranstaltungszentrum Hochholzerhof, Seitzergasse 2-4, 1st floor, 1010 Vienna

Women without Borders in cooperation with SWI - the Austrian Foundation for World Population and International Co-operation.

Dr. Rajaa al-Khuzai from Baghdad - president of the National Council for Women, Member of the Transitional Government, president of the Iraqi Widows Organisation, doctor and activist

Saliha Mehrezad from Kabul – parliamentarian in Kabul, director of the Women without Borders Women´s Center in Nimruz

Official welcome: Ulrike Lunacek, member of the National Council, Austrian Green Party foreign affairs spokesperson , co-president of the European Green Party.

Moderator: Dr. Edit Schlaffer, founder and chair of Women without Borders

When the American administration sought international support for the toppling of the Taliban in Afghanistan, it did so on a ‘Women’s Ticket’, to restore women’s rights. In Iraq, the transitional government pushed the women’s agenda dramatically, knowing the international spotlight was upon them.
Now, years after the American-led interventions, women have become not the symbol of freedom, but the target of terror.

Particularly the educated females are in the firing line. Besides political violence women are facing new levels of trafficking, prostitution, rape and domestic violence.
Female parliamentarians have increasingly become targets, suggesting that these hits are not part of a haphazard fall out of war, but perhaps a cold policy designed to weaken the voice of women.

This is a crucial turning point, women must not be let down now. We want to join these courageous activists for human and women’s rights a podium.

Two representatives of the young educated generation in Iraq and Afghanistan who are role models for a new generation and working for peace and democracy will also contribute:
Homa Mohammed-Zarif from Afghanistan and Daliya Shawkat from Iraq will talk about their lives, the real danger of daily violence which affects their freedom of movement as well as their mission for female empowerment and freedom.

Registration and information:
Women without Borders,,
01 533 455 1.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

We particularly thank BAWAG PSK for kindly providing the venue.

Further special thanks to:
Hotel Pension Domizil
Hotel Zipser
Le Meridien Wien


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