„Women without Borders“ and International Women´s Solidarity

The Women´s Department of the City of Graz invites you to a presentation with Dr. Edit Schlaffer, Chairwoman of Women without Borders.

07. November 2005 19:00
Cafe Promenade (Burgtor), „Roter Salon“, Graz, Austria.

Is political, economic and personal independence of women possible in a world order dominated by men and affected by patriarchal structures?

Does it make sense to establish, support and sustain networks, which claim broad autonomy for women and work consequently for the realization of this goal?

Can political projects for women challenge traditional mechanisms of oppression and disregard for women? Can successes be seen in these endeavors?

Which political and economic factors or developments impede or exacerbate a ‘self-determined’ life of women – worldwide?

Is there such a thing as ‘International Women´s Solidarity’? If so, how successful or momentous can „Women´s Solidarity without Borders“ be?

We invite you to an evening with an internationally- renowned and celebrated author and activist to discuss and deliberate about political work of women worldwide, international solidarity amongst women and peaceful, democratic and female perspectives for the future.

Take the chance to look beyond borders together with other women!

Please register at the Women´s Department of the City of Graz, Tel. +43 316 872-4671!


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