Swanee Hunt

The former US-Ambassador in Vienna and founder and chair of Women waging Peace, Swanee Hunt.

This Was Not Our War

Swanee Hunt: "This Was Not Our War"

Women without Borders invites you to a book presenation with Swanee Hunt

03. November 2005 15:30
Club Alpha, Stubenbastei 12/14, 1010 Vienna

"This Was Not Our War - Bosnian Women Reclaiming Peace"

Swanee Hunt, former US-Ambassador to Austria (1993-1997) is the founder of Inclusive Security: Women waging Peace, an organisation which lobbies for the active participation of women in peace processes.
During her stint in Vienna as an Ambassador, she was also the director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard University and through these capacities, she organized symposia dealing with the challenges in the war-torn Balkan region.

In the 1990s, Swanee Hunt interviewed Bosnian women affected by the conflict in the said region. In her book This Was Not Our War: Bosnian Women Reclaiming the Peace, she documents the stories of these women:their lives during and after the war; the fight to save their homes and protect their children;the decision to stay or flee, the attempt to preserve their own bodies and souls, and the ongoing challenge to rebuild their lives and society.

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