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Mehru Jaffer

The Book of Muhammad, Mehru Jaffer

Women without Borders presents Mehru Jaffer

24. September 2010

Mehru Jaffer: The Book of Muhammad - a Journey of Understanding

The Book of Muhammad” describes the life of the Prophet and messenger of God, who spent his entire life trying to transcent human pettiness, searching for absolute values, the meaning of life and what it meant to be a human being.

Mehru Jaffer recounts his journey: Muhammad´s struggle to bring his message to the people, the Revelation, his flight to Medina and the establishment of Islam and an ideal city-state there, and his triumphant return to Mecca.

With this biographical book the author tries to make the teachings of Islam understandable – not at least for herself.

She represents Muhammad as an extraordinary prophet and leader, a man of God who succeeded in uniting all of Arabia through his new faith and exerted enormous influence over centuries of human history.

Mehru Jaffer also shows that Muhammad treated women as equal und that his legacy originally did not contain a fundament for discrimination and repression of women. The author was born and brought up in Lucknow, India. She is working as journalist and writer for more than 20 years. Mehru Jaffer published in „The Times of India”, “Sunday Observer”, “Asia 21” or “India Today”.
She studied theatre and film in India. In 1982 she moved to Vienna and worked as a Central-Europe correspondent for “The Telegraph”, “The Indian Express”, “The Financial Express”.
Today Mehru Jaffer is a correspondent for “WFS – Women´s Feature Service” and is writing a book about Lucknow, her home town.

The reason for writing “The book of Muhammad” was the discussion about Salman Rushdie and whether his critical opinion about the Islam legislates his persecution. At that point Mehru Jaffer startet to reflect about herself, her religion and what it means in the western world.

On Wednesday, 24th of September, Mehru Jaffer presented her book in the course of the new Women without Borders circle of events “WWB present…”.
Many people used this chance to take part and have a vivid discussion.


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